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Introduction: Pallet Block Pumpkins

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When you take pallets apart..... you allways has these blocks left over.

So I dicited to make something of it.

Autumn has arrived and I made these Pallet Block Pumpkins for decoration

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Step 1: What You Need...

1. Pallet Blocks

2. Beltsander

3. Twig

4. Orange and Yellow Paint

5. Brown Shoe polish

6. Woodglue

7. Drill bit 12 mm

Step 2: Lets Start ....

Use as many blocks as you like....

Shape them on the Beltsander. Knock of the corners first.

And give it his final shape.

Drill the holes... I used a 12 mm drill bit

Cut a twig in short pieces.

Use a knife to shape the ends so the fit in the drilled hole.

Step 3: Lets Give It Some Couler....

Spray the Blocks in the couler you like... I used Orange and Yellow.

Sand the corners.

Give the them a contrast colour with brown shoe polish.

Step 4: The Finshing Toutch...

Glue the twigs in the holes....

And your pumpkins are ready

Injoy making the pumpkins......

For full instruction you can watch the video....

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