Pallet CUP Lamp




Introduction: Pallet CUP Lamp

About: OSFurniture - Unique handcrafted art from sustainable reclaimed wood. Panama #TheGoodWoodKlan +info:

A simple wood box with cups and bulbs. Pretty awesome

Step 1: The Box

I found this wooden frame so I just cut them and sand them to make this 5 faces boxes.

Step 2: Stain

I used this stain called CAOBILLA, or wengue or dark chocolate (this is how the client want it)

Step 3: Cups

I have a dremel so I took a diamond head bit and made a hole in a plate and in the cup. It's pretty hard but with patience it's good. Also I need it 2 bits, also 2 sockets an cable

Step 4: Final

I really hate electrical connections but this was really simple.

They were super light and easy to install



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    2 years ago

    A really cool idea! I would like to do this one day, my question is what are the cups and saucers made of that they didn't break?

    1 reply

    mmmm my client gave me the cups... but it was normal cups and plate ... ceramic .... the trick is to use a diamond head bit on the dremel or drill and cut it under the water ;)


    2 years ago

    would be great addition to coffee shop.

    1 reply

    it is actually for a coffee shop here in Panama... traditional coffee or something hahaa

    thank You ... ! :)