Pallet Cat House on Stilts




Introduction: Pallet Cat House on Stilts

My objective had been to create a lovely cat house for Mr Weepu (my cat), who needed a personal room because we live in a flat.

I made the global plan from my phone with the idea of using the recycled wood I had in my garage

Step 1: Materials and Tools


- Pallet planks (4 of 120cm, 2 of 75cm, 10 of 60cm, 10 of 40cm and some others smaller)

- Wood board (1 of 40*60cm, 1 of 35*40cm, 1 of 20*60cm, 2 of 20*40cm)

- Nails and screws

- Carpet

- Cup hooks

- Twine

- Metal Corner Brackets

- Glue

- Paint (optional)

And a jigsaw, miter saw (optional), clamps, hammer

Step 2: Draft, Sizes and Plan

This is the first scheme of Mr Weepu's home.

I used clamps to give me an idea of the total size of the house and adjust the dimensions.

Step 3: The House

I used a 40x60cm board and I cut the corners at the thickness of the planks used to make the stilts.

The planks used for the stilts are 120cm length.

The board had been screwed to be at a height of 85cm.

Then I screwed the "walls" of the house and I cut a hole (about 15x25cm) for letting the cat enters in the house.

Step 4: Roof

The roof has an angle of 30° and a length of 50cm.

I let the planks exceed the house of 10cm for aesthetic.

Step 5: Terraces and Top Floor

For cats can climb and walk everywhere, I fixed a terrace and 2 steps around the house with screw and some metal brackets.

Top floor is 35*40cm

Steps are 20cm width

==> special thanks to my parent's cat for testing the top floor and give me her approbation

Step 6: Scratching Post

I made the scratching area by winding the twine around one of the stilt plank.

I also glued the twine and I strongly screwed a plank behind it.

Step 7: Spy-hole

To create a spy-hole heart shaped, I drilled two 22mm holes side by side and I finished the shape of the heart with a jigsaw.

For higher cat discretion, I painted the inside heart in black (previously protected with tape).

Cats love to observe from the spy-hole.

Step 8: Step for Climbing

After a long negotiation with Mr Weepu, I finally removed the initial ladder and put instead a step to help him to climb easier into his house.

(On the 2nd picture, her best friend also validates the step)

Step 9: Carpeting and More

For an optimal comfort, I put some carpet on the stairs, inside the house and on the roof.

The cats use their little claws on the carpet for moving easier and faster.

Because winter is coming, I added a small fireplace and I hooked theirs favorite toys with cup hooks.

Step 10: Mr Weepu House

Mr Weepu loves to spend days and nights in his new house and he is very proud when he invites her balcony neighbor.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.

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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    This is so nice :) Thank you for the guide, I think my kitties will love it


    4 years ago

    I really liked it! My little brother wants a cat house for his cat, "Luke Skywalker" (haha!)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks :). If you make one for Luke, send me a pic, I'm looking forward to seeing it

    Carpenter Guy
    Carpenter Guy

    4 years ago

    looks as good as the store ones! Who needs stores, anyway?


    Reply 4 years ago

    I went to the store for having free pallets :o)