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About: I'm a mechanical engineer in the Eindhoven region. In my spare time I like to make random stuff, both usefull and especially useless.
A new apartment means new furniture as cheap as possible, this story is one of a coat rack.

My brother in law had some nice slabs of wood from which I could have one. The first idea about the looks was born. That was until a friend of mine sent me a picture of a pallet shelf for his special beers. The question was asked and this story got a twist. I was the proud owner of some ugly old pallet wood. The design in my head was adjusted to match the wood and two lunch breaks later the wood work was completed. I ordered nice looking nail hooks, made ugly but functional brackets and me and my girlfriend had a nice coat rack.

  • pallet
  • old rusty nails
  • screws
  • blank varnish
  • steel, for the brackets.
  • hooks
About the Pallet coat rack:
  • The wooden back plate is made with small screws from the back so they won't be visible.
  • Big rusty nails were added, after drilling a hole to prevent splitting of the wood, and bend in the back. These are only for the looks.
  • All the wood is varnished.
  • The heads of the nails are varnished as well to prevent the rust from destroying clothing.
  • Shelves were added. The blocks are screwed from the back. The wood in front and on the bottom is only nailed. The holes for these nails were also pre-drilled to prevent splitting. The blocks however are only drilled with a very small size drill to make sure the nails do their job.



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5 years ago on Introduction

Ah oui, oui, ouiiiiiii! trop bien!! Et les clous de chemin de fer comme porte-chapeau sur le design planche rustique...ça donne un ensemble impressionnant. It looks like a true work of art. Did you sign it? The idea, the concept, the pattern, and the way you did it, really artistic.

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Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Yes, I designed it. When I was looking at some etsy shops I found things made out of old railroad nails. That gave me the idea to put some old 'rusty' nails on a wooden board with the bark still on it which I could get from my brother in law. But then I could get this pallet with the bark still visible. The plans were adjusted and this was the result.


5 years ago on Introduction

Highly interested in what brand of varnish you used sir! I'm a bit late to the party but I hope you are still around. I've been using minwax beeswax polish but it really doesn't have the permanence I'm looking for. Great project!

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Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

I'm still around. But I honestly don't know what brand I'm using here. I did this project in the workshop of my study-association and just used a varnish available there. If I had to guess I would guess I used a blank version of this: Rambo.


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

oh thanks man! Well if it's German it must be good. One more question - and I don't mean to pester here, just consider my eagerness due to how good your project looks - after you used the varnish, could you still feel the grain/texture of the wood very well? I lack experience in this and I am afraid that if I use varnish it will make the wood feel like smooth plastic or something. Thanks in advance!


5 years ago

nice job, just missing bull horns.