Pallet Coffee Table

Introduction: Pallet Coffee Table

This actually took some time, most of it spent on the sanding. I used some wood putty to fill in the holes; the lightest MinWax stain I could find (to keep the red of the wood, which I really liked) and finished with about 5 coats of MinWax polyurethane.
I am EXTREMELY proud of this piece, it being my first of what I can only assume to be many. I have never worked with wood before. It was very time consuming, but so much fun.



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    Attractive re-use of a pallet. A clean design and nicely finished. Could you please add a photo or two from beneath? How did you join the pallet planks together, and how did you attach the legs?

    That is great! I have been wanting to do something similar but have not come across any pallets.