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Make your own pallet coffee table! Easy making, have fun! I hope this tutorial video will motivate you to "do it yourself"! ;)

Step 1: TUTORIAL Video

Step 2: From the First Pallet Create the Top of the Table

The standard pallet (80x120cm/31,5x47,25in) was too big for our living room, so we sawed the first pallet in half.

Step 3: From the Second Pallet, You Need the Slats to the Top of the Table Won't Be So Gappy

So remove slats from the second pallet with help of hammer and chisel then remove all the rusty nails. Or you can also use an iron saw, but in this case, the nails stay in the wood. Position the picked slats with nails between the slats of the top.

Step 4: Polishing

The next step is the polishing. Cut a piece of abrasive paper - for easy polishing use a small piece of the slat. But the even easier polishing use a grinding machine and polish the surface of the coffee table smooth.


After that paint the surface with wood stain. It's the most entertaining part :)

Step 5: Painting

After that paint the surface with wood stain. It's the most entertaining part :)

Step 6: Join

Almost the last thing, hole where the components will join each other. Use carriage bolts in order to the coffee table will be durable and fix the parts. Finally position the caster wheels on the bottom of the table and fix them with screws. AND your unique coffee table is ready :)

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3 years ago

There was next to the first picture by step one :) But I change it, so I hope, you can see it :)


3 years ago

But, where is the video?


3 years ago

This is fabulous! Nice work!