Pallet Crate Desk




My son moved to a third floor apartment, so I made her a writing desk, which can easily take up. As the table legs boxes, so you can pack into them during the move. Assembled are shelves will be under the table.

Step 1: The Beginning

First, I took apart many many pallets.

Each bar 7 cm wide cut. Then I cut at right angles to the edges and cut them to size. Finally, I planed them.

Step 2: Preparing the Crates

The crates handle jigsaws cut off and the edges are rounded router

I made the tenons with a table saw.

After all, I thoroughly sanded all the parts. All components are glued and philips screws are fixed. I made four equal boxes.

After assembly, beeswax and linseed oil was treated with a mixture of surfaces.

Step 3: Tabletop

The table top was made by using pocket hole screws and glue.

The boards are fitted with a router.

After joining the lower side made a stiffening frame, also with glue and screws are fixed.
Then 80-grit sanding the surface was smooth. Router rounded edges. 220-grit sanding smoother even before finish. The tabletop surface of the linseed oil and beeswax mixture of treated.

Step 4: Assembling

It was important to me that the assembly and disassembly should be simple. This helps a lot in a possible move.

The crates should be fixed by screws 4-4 and the resulting finished table legs, also 4-4 screws should be secured to the table top from the bottom.

Before screwing the crates are infinitely rotatable, depending on how the right or left towish the shelves.

Step 5: Moving

The table was made so we loaded easily into a passenger car, with all the necessary stuff, and even the third floor was not burdensome to bring up :)

Thanks for reading!



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