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Introduction: Pallet Diner Table

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Hello friend ) My name is Anastasia Gerasimova.

This is my first post about thing what I do.

I and my good friend Maria Ekimovskikh have a workshop called ON FRIDAY and we make some furniture together.

This table was ordered by our friend, which decide to open a small fastfood cafe.

He gave us pallets. It was an aspen timber.

Actually it was a quite wett wood. But we tried to do something and that is what we have at the finish.

Lets go to inscructions!

Step 1: Check Out the Video.

Look at the video above to see how we built this table or follow the instructions below.

Here is a list of the items needed for the build.

Materials need:

- Pallets/ We used, maybe 3-4 patches, I can not say for sure, because there are so many different types of pallets it the world. )

- Self-tapping screws.

- Oil

- nest


- table saw

- jointer

- screwdriver

- nails

Table size is 850x850x750(h).

Step 2: Dismantle and Sort

To begin I dismantled all pallets I need and sorted to good and worthless wood.

Then I classificated it by the thickness.

Step 3: Сalibrate

Then I calibrated all the boards and bars to the same size by tablesaw. And aligned with a jointer.

Step 4: Make a Frame

I maked a frame with oblique screw jig.

If you need the same jig this is a link where I bought jig.

Step 5: Cutting and Nailing

Then we cut diagonal pieces and nailed it to the frame. We used decorative nails for it.

And flatten.

Step 6: Legs

Cut legs on the table saw and joined with the frame.

Step 7: Finish Cover

Then we made the edging. We rubbed the surfaces and covered with oil for wood.

Step 8: Enjoy It

Check in my youtube channal:

See you )

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    2 years ago

    Excellent work! Great first instructable too. Very nicely done all around!! :)

    Anastasia Gerasimova
    Anastasia Gerasimova

    Reply 2 years ago

    Добрый день )) Вы везде с нами ))


    2 years ago

    Lovely table! I love the color of the old wood and it's perfect for a smaller dining area :)


    2 years ago

    You two young ladies did a great project. Watching you both work, I can tell you've been woodwork for a while. I also see you use the appropriate safety equipment. Bravo! Keep it up and post more builds.