Pallet Dinner Table Less Than 70€ ( Round 77$)




You can made a pallet dinner table waste with only 70€ and 2 hours of work.


20 screws

2 legs (these are from Ikea)

2 pallets

1 pot of varnish

Step 1: Presentation

First need to take apart the differents pieces of wood of the pallets.

Present the tables at the floor for make an idea about the size of the new table.

Step 2: Prepare the Bottom

Use the big lengthwise pieces for join the small pieces of pallets.

With screws, we can join all the pieces in the correct orden.

Remember mix the differents pieces for a better result.

Step 3: Attach the Leg Structure

Once we have all assembled, attaching the leg structure with the set and prepare for brush and sand the table.

Finally, apply the varnish and mount the legs.

Step 4: Mount the Legs

Finally, apply the varnish and mount the legs.

Step 5: Result

This is easy! Only waste less than 2 hours of work.

Try it!



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