Pallet Easy Nail Removal

Introduction: Pallet Easy Nail Removal

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For all Pallet wood reclaimers.

Recycling a couple of heavy duty pallets for the 2x4 and was having quite a time getting the bent nails i ground them off at about 8mm and then was able to hammer them through and pulled them out with my claw hammer



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    I cut my slats from the risers w a sawzall. The slats are easy. The risers are a pain to denail. Attempting to pry the boards apart would yield 30% fewer boards since they are thin & brittle.


    2 years ago

    Such a well thought through concept with wonderfully lucid video instructions Thank you


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    Mny thanks for posting this. I've been struggling with the same problem and this solution never occurred to me. Sometimes the simple ideas are the best.

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