Pallet Fence




We got old pallets from the factory down the road for free. We wanted to replace the fences with pallets because it was almost free (had to buy 2x4 and 4x4 because some where rotten and need more screws.

Step 1: Pallets

We used the saw to cut the inside of the outside of the pallet. Then used the crowbar for the center. You have to be careful and make sure you got the whole thing. I broke couple by accident because the crowbar wasn't all the way underneath and broke the board.

The fence in the background shows that we started it and I realized I wanted to do this instruction for those who are curious.

Step 2: Old Fence

This is one of the old fence we had for such a long time.

Step 3: Up-close

We used the 2x4 and put each pallet on the board, side by side. We put the screws in each boards. Then, it takes two person to lift it and put it up against the 4x4 post. We lifted it off the ground by two inches because of the rain and it cause our last fence to rotten out from the flood.

We're still working in it, but we ran out of pallets and 2x4s for the top half. We're going to mount the top 2x4 on the top and add more pallet board from the top and the bottom of the board will be on the middle (the top part of the fence in the picture).

Step 4: Overall

This is what the pallet fence look like overall with only bottom half done. We're planning on adding another half on top of it to make it higher for privacy.



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    2 months ago

    good concept. you should leave a gap between the panels, however, to account for them swelling when they get wet.