Pallet Furniture

Introduction: Pallet Furniture

If you want a cheap bed, table or couch you can build it yourself.

I built my own room furniture all by myself,it's a perfect way to save money,kill time and make your home exactly like you want it to be.

The only things i needed for this project were a lot of Pallets.

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Step 1: Step 1: a Plan

The first thing you need are some good ideas, look online and get yourself some inspiration or just use your imagination.

When you have finally decided what to make it's always handy to draw a little sketch so you remember exactly what you planned to make.

Step 2: Step 2: Grind

I bought the pallets I needed (which were 20) from little companies around my hometown, just ask around there will defenitely be a store not far away from where you live that sells them too.

The next step is optional but would be a good idea if there're children or pets around that could hurt themselves on the rough wood. It's a lot of work but grinding will make your furniture smooth and splint free.

Clean the space you want your creating to be placed and you're ready to start the fun part... BUILDING.

Step 3: Step 3: Build It

When your're finished putting together what ever you planned you need your kreativity once again. Paint,decorate or add some little extras and gadgets to complete your masterpiece.

I decided to instal some LED-strips in the inside of the pallets and used an Arduino UNO device,which I also conected with my little fishtank, to switch them on and of.

Depending on how many material you use and the sice of your project you'll have to pay more or less but I had to pay about 100€ for my bed to be totally finished.

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    Nicely done!