Pallet Piggy





Introduction: Pallet Piggy

About: I got hooked on pallet wood 2 years ago.Just find it very relaxing to make stuff in my woodshop.

Wanted to just do something fun,I put a pic here to show that this pig was made of palletwood.You could make this out of any flat stock.I'll go into detail on the finish.No bacon jokes,pig on.

Step 1: Tools&supplys


scroll saw (this can be done with a jigsaw)


1'X2' board I just did a glueup

pig paint use waterbase

dark stain

spar varnish


dowelrod 1/4"

Step 2: Lay Out Piggy Patterns

Here's how I did this.Google pig drawings,print out the one you like.From there you need to get creative to make patterns to ad dimensions to your piggy.Or you could cut it out out flat.

Step 3: Cut Out Piggy Parts

Cut piggy parts from your pattern.I used a hole saw for the eye.

Step 4: Put Piggy Toghter

I Just used some outdoor glue and a couple brad nails.The pigtail(ha ha) was just a coathanger wrapped around a dowelrod.Drill hole for stake somewhere in the middle.

Step 5: Paint & Put Your Pig Outside

Your choice on the art,I'll explain what I did.Use a very wet thin paint for the pink.After its dry,put on stain.Varnish your piggy up and put him outside.Thats it,I had fun making this.Time for lunch,think I'll have a BLT.

Any? just ask



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This was fun!

This is so good! I really like the finish you did on this. Very nicely done!! :)

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Thank you,make a pig.Very easy,send me a pic.

Ouch,my piggys got his snout buried in the mulch.Very nice work,you are an artist my friend.

Aw, thanks! Our wooden pigs should hang out sometime :)

Yours really is great, and as far as instructables go sometimes simple and reproducible is better. Best of luck in the reclaimed wood contest!