Pallet Planter




Introduction: Pallet Planter

Use pallets to make planters or plant pots.

Step 1: Basic Frame

The worst bit is first. Take apart a few pallets and de-nail them. I used a Pallet Reclamation Bar.

Cut 4 legs the same length.
Cut 8 side bars to the length you'd like the width of your planter.

Step 2: Frame Assembly 1

Build two matching sides as pictured.
The lower side piece shouldn't touch the ground to avoid water, I left around an inch free.

Step 3: Frame Assembly 2

Use the 4 remaining side pieces to construct a very simple cube. I used screws for this whole process.

Step 4: Side Panels

Cut side panls from pallet boards. You'll need a load if you're building a big planter like this.

Since I was using lots of different pallets here, I attached the boards in a random order to give it that rustic look.

I used nails for the sides as they look nicer and aren't load bearing. Try and re-use the nails you took out of the pallets if they're straight enough

Step 5: Top

When you're done with the siding, cut four more pieces for the top as shown.
Cut these pieces at 45 degrees to make a nice looking top.

Step 6: Done

These planters would rot pretty quickly if I put soil in them (not to mention I didn't build a bottom).

Instead, I used an old bin to put the plant in. Hopefully whatever you plant will hide a bit of the bin or barrel.

The other pictures show another planter I build from half a leaky water butt.



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I'd also suggest spraying the work with some water repellent to give the wood some 'extra' life - great with any outdoor project, after which you might consider painting (if desired)

if you think about a tub or liner before you start you can be sure your tub is covered because you can build it to size. measure twice cut once... ;)

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Totally agree, all that wasted space between the tub and the wood is a waste and makes it unnecessarily big

If you used something as simple as a thick Heafty bag as an inside liner, you could fill it with dirt without a real problem. At least as long as you were planting flowers or some such and not a tree, as the root system would most likely puncture the bag before long.

Otherwise I would recommend something like an old scrap from a swimming pool liner and caulk, if you want to save some money. A rubber membrane can be bought new at most Lowes and Home Depot stores too, if that is hard to come by.

Very nice job,like the pine tree also,looks like someone knows a little about pruning,

@peterbryenton, I was about to say the same thing. I cannot believe I didn't know such things existed! I use a crowbar and rubber mallet when I take them apart, works pretty well. Nice instructable!

Good to see reclaimed wood being used. Please would you add a photo of your pallet reclamation bar? I have never seen one.

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Very timely project! With the arrival of spring, many owners of summer cottages want to hide your rusty barrels, here in handy this project.

Small World Gareth! I bought the tool I used to dismantle these pallets from you last August!

Make sure you know where your pallets come from and don't use one's labeled MB.

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Apart from rot, this is why I have separated the wood from the soil by use of a container as I know that some of these pallets were treated with methyl bromide.

This is totally adorable! I love it! Thank you so much for posting this project.