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so this my newly created pallet porch that I'd like to share with you! I started by slowly collecting free Heat-Treated pallets from industrial companies in my neighbourhood. I went with a very simple design since this is my very first pallet project. I can honestly say that I made the entire thing for less than $100CDN!!!

The base if made from cinder-blocks, which I received from Freecycle; I was lucky to have found a large 10ft x 3ft pallet for the base, which I secured on top of the cinder-blocks.

Next I simply stacked and secured enough pallets to give me the height I needed before setting down the top layer of my porch, which is an awesome 10ft x 4ft pallet.

The steps were a bit more difficult and I had a friend help with designing them and levelling them and securing them. I still have some finishing touches, such as blocking in the front of the steps for more aesthetic appeal and something for edging around the porch so nobody falls off.



Step 1:



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    Thanks so much; it was really fun to build! I didn't think to take pics of the time I certainly will. I think I have 1 other that show the steps construction better; I'll add it soon. I'd be happy to answer any questions