Pallet Potting Table! on the Quick!




Good Luck, tearing apart pallets is not easy. I used 3 crowbars and a sawzall to cut through some of the nails. The pallet producers are using the best nails to ensure they don't come apart.

Also used a table saw to fit the pieces to size and a nail gun to put them back in quick!

Step 1: Get It Together

It just happened that I had an old kitchen sink left over from my house after I gutted the place. So I figured that I would use this in the potting table. I gave up on the rest of the damned pallets and used some scrap wood in my pile to file in the rest of the pallet.

Step 2: Put It in Place

I had some help getting the table in place in the back of my garage. I figured this is more of a temp. table so I didn't sink the legs in cement. Tried my best to make sure it was mostly level.

Step 3: Put It to Use!

But HEY! It works! I put some 5 gallon buckets under the sink to catch dirt and water. I also put a large hook on the side to hold the hose.

I am considering putting another half pallet on the back to hang tools on or to have as herb garden.

Really happy with how it turned out.



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