Pallet Rack for Storing a Cord of Firewood




Here's a dirt cheap way to store a cord (4' x 4' x 8') of firewood using a few pallets, cinder blocks, landscaping ties, and assorted scraps.


  • 4 standard pallets
  • 4 cinder blocks
  • 2 8' landscape ties or 4 half-ties
  • assorted scrap material for shims and support

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Step 1: Lay Down the First Half of the Rack As Shown

I recycled four odd pieces of landscaping ties ranging from 3' to 5'. It doesn't need to be exact.

2"x4"s can be also be used.

Note that I plugged the cinder blocks with some small wood blocks to keep the landscaping ties mostly vertical. If upright supports lean too much and put too much load on cinder blocks, they might break.

I also laid a board under the low edge of the pallet to keep it out of the dirt.

Step 2: Repeat on Other Side

I leveled the rack by putting some scrap wood under the blocks on the low side.

Leave a slight gap between the upright supports and the floor pallets to allow space to slide in the vertical pallets.

Step 3: Slip Last Two Pallets Over the Landscaping Ties to Form Side Walls

Step 4: Reinforce As Needed, Load With Firewood!

Your pallets might not bear the weight of a full load of wood. Use your judgment. I put a few blocks midway under the pallets just to be safe.

You can build variations of this. You could make it twice as wide and hold twice as much wood by putting another couple of pallets flat in the middle. But beware of putting pallets directly on dirt lest they rot.

Quick and easy.

Good luck!

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