Pallet Resurrection Picture Frame

Introduction: Pallet Resurrection Picture Frame

Found an old pallet laying around? Want to create a rustic looking frame with no complicated joints and no painting necessary?!
Well, this instructable will take old discarded pallet wood and turn it into a beautiful, funky, and vintage looking picture frame.

Step 1: Materials

Two strips of 36" pallet boards

Table saw

Miter saw

Belt sander

Wood glue


Glass and glass cutter

Matt and photograph

Glazing points

Step 2: Cut Pieces

Cut the pallet strips into two 20" pieces using either the miter saw or table saw.

Rip the remaining pieces in half lengthways using the table saw. Cut 3.5", 4" and 5.5" pieces.

Step 3: Sand the Edges

Use a sanding belt to create a v-groove appearance on both top edges of each pieces.

Step 4: Rabbet Each Piece

Using the table saw, rabbet each piece for 1/4" deep and wide to accept the glass, matt and photograph.

Step 5: Line Up and Glue

Put rabbets to the inside and align to the inside and square to the edge pieces.

Glue each piece to eachother and clamp the frame in place. The glue takes 20 minutes to dry. Remove any excess glue with a flat head screwdriver or credit card or wet towel.

Step 6: Cut Glass to Fit

Measure the inside of the rabbet and cut the glass 1/8 of an inch less than that. Cut the glass using glass cutters and ensure a square alignment.

After your matt and photograph is inside, add the glazing points using a strong flat tool to secure it (ex. putty knife or paint scraper)

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3 years ago

Very cool use of pallets! Thanks for sharing