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Introduction: Pallet Shoe Rack

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I needed a space to put my shoes in my room. Making this rack was free and easy as I already had all the resources I needed. It was a very fun build :)

Step 1: Take Apart the Pallet

The pallet was going to go in a skip so I saved it, so that I could use it to make something usefull. First I tried taking the pallet apart with a crowbar and all the wood snapped. This was because it was an old crowbar which wasn't very good. So instead I decided to cut the pallet in half and dismantle it with two hammers. This was much quicker and easier to do.

Step 2: Remove Nails

Once the pallet is dismantled there will still be lots of nails in the pallet. I took these out with a small hammer. Some nails were very difficult to remove as they had been bent. For these nails pliers were used.

Step 3: Screw the Pallets

I planned in my head how the rack would fit together. I decided to use some fixit blocks and screws to hold it all together. Then began to screw it all together. I found it easiest to put it together in stages doing all the top prices first. This was a very quick process because the Yankee screwed the screws in very fast. An electric screwdriver or drill would do the same job.

Step 4: Make the Shelf

Then the shelf was added. For this I needed to cut some slightly smaller planks so that they would fit on the inside. I measured halfway up all of the planks so that all the pallets would be at the same level. I then did the same as last step and screwed them together using fixit blocks and screws. I was planning to have a bottom to the shoe rack but I did not have enough wood so I left it out.

Step 5: Making and Screwing on Supports

The supports were then made by cutting another few pallets up. I needed two for each side then two for on the top. Once they had been cut out I measured and marked out where the screws would go and drilled some pilot holes. After that I screwed it all together making sure that it felt very sturdy.

Step 6: Quick Sand Down

I quickly sanded it all down to make it look smoother. I used 60 grit first to smooth all the edges and to get all large splinters of wood off. After that I used 120 grit on a few bits and it was all done.

Step 7: Finished!

I was really happy with the result and now I have somewhere to put my shoes. I used the exact same process to make a vinyl record storage box. Apart from the fact that I put in a base instead of a shelf. Hope you enjoyed :)

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    I'm glad you enjoyed my project :) and yes my slippers make me chuckle every time I wear them :)