Pallet Sofa





Introduction: Pallet Sofa

So this is probably one of my favorite pallet projects. It is made of all reclaimed materials: pallets, cushions, pillows, and fabric is almost "reclaimed". The fabric is end of the spool remnants. Cushions were from old baby mattresses and pillows were reclaimed old pillow material. Super easy build. Check out below!

Step 1: Collect All of Your Pallets

First thing I did was collect a bunch of pallets. I ended up using 9 average size pallets. I chose to get the best quality ones I could find because I wanted this to last as long as possible. Also find some that have a cool brand wood burned or stamped in the front. It makes for a little extra detail.

Step 2: Cut All Pallets the Same Overall Width

I chose to cut all pallets at 27.5 inches wide so it was easiest to mix and match where I wanted my pallets. (back or bottom) after measuring, I cut straight across all of the slats, then removed the few inches still hanging onto the side 2x4. I reused the 2x4 by sliding it into the gap and reattaching it with nails. Overall length when laying out the length, I made a perfect L. 78" by 78".

Step 3: Create Your Cushions

I laid out my cushions on the pallet to see what length i would need overall. The first image here shows the left pallet upside down. I wanted to show how I extended the front 2x4 to hide the gap of the pallet being shorter than the cushions laid out. This spaces the pallet out a little bit when properly put together.

I found a bunch of baby mattresses when dumpster diving and thats what I used for cushions. This was the best find because that foam is expensive! I used the full width but for the rear I cut the mattresses in half and worked with that dimension. The material I used to cover the cushions and make all of the pillows was the only thing I paid for. It was $3 per lb. I bought it as fabric remnants from large rolls. I tried to use all reclaimed materials but this was the closest I could get for outdoor material.

*note: check out that chevron table top in the last photo*

Step 4: Securing the Backs

Secure the backs with a few screws. When you get to the corner overlap the pallets so you can screw in along the seam. I used 2 inch screws.

Step 5: Use It!

This is the best part. You're finished and enjoy it. Awesome for patio parties, bon fires, naps, etc. Do it all. I built it about 2 years ago and its still holding strong. I pressure washed it this year and its like new. I thought about staining it but I decided against it.

Total Cost:

$6 maybe?



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    24 Discussions

    How heavy are the palletts when together like this? Id like to do something similar but on a floating deck, so weight needs to be a factor

    I mean the back that is exposed after its screwed in

    1 reply

    Has anyone made this? I am going to try it this weekend and want to know if there is anything thats different. It wont let me download anything so I dont know if it has plans specifically or if what I see here is it. Please let me know asap thanks

    I mean the back that is exposed after its screwed in

    So your seats were 27 1/2 long, how tall were your backs?

    The mattresses that aren't solid foam may not work because you'll have sharp points to stick out . Mine had solid foam

    I am working on this project now, and I am to the mattress making portion.....please tell me how you cut them?? scissors, a ban saw? (hehe) did the insides go all wonky?? help, TIA!!

    2 replies

    You can use a utility knife and put cardboard under it. Push down on the foam and cut through. May have to hack a few passes. Band saw would be ideal if you have one with the clearance

    great thanks, but it seems like there is a wire or metal frame in the ones I have, did
    i you just cut that, and its integrity was ok?? thats what throwing me....


    3 years ago you can buy pallets in bulk for cheap and many different kinds and sizes.

    where in the world can you or would you find free baby mattresses ? would love to know this ?

    I can say WOW for this. Simple and nice idea. What kind of wood is that? I can't find pallet with nice wood like that here. All of them rough and their shape was ugly.

    Could you tell me where do you get the nice pallets? I live in Houston and I would like to find a nice ones. Thank you

    1 reply

    Call a local trucking company. They're always wanting to get rid of extra pallets.

    Wow, very nice! Did you buy the fabric locally? I've never seen remnants sold by the pound before.