Pallet Table With Logo Inlay

Introduction: Pallet Table With Logo Inlay

Here is my Pallet Table with logo inlay. The top is made from scrap pallet wood that was ripped & cut to size. The logo was cut on a CNC router and recessed into the top. Enjoy!

Step 1: Scrap Pallet Wood

This is my pallet wood stock pile.

Step 2: Ripped and Cut.

I picked several different thicknesses and types of wood to make the main top. I wanted to get as much distressed character and variation in the planks as possible. Once the boards were selected, I ripped them to about a 2.5" width and then turned them on end for the top. Each board was glued and clamped together to get the overall top size of ~ 20" x 46".

Step 3: Logo Inlay.

This table is for my brother so I wanted to inlay his company logo into the top. I made another plank of pallet wood and had his logo cut out on a CNC router. I just used a hand router to counter sink the top to accept the logo squares.

Step 4: Change of Plans!

Originally I thought I would be able to CNC cut all the pieces for the logo, including the thin black outline stroke around each letter. However, because the pallet wood I used was not very dense/strong the router could not cut the 1/4" stroke without total rip-out of the material. I ended up filling the void with black epoxy resin. There was a bit of a learning curve with the epoxy. I thought I could just pour the epoxy into the voids and it would fill up and harden. However, because there were so many small gaps and crevasses in the wood all the epoxy drained out on the first attempt. So it took a couple of times for the epoxy to harden and fill in all the small gaps before it would hold the final pour. NOTE: For future projects, you can brush a thin coat of the epoxy resin in all the void (instead of pouring it in) so it will harden and fill all those small openings before doing the final pour.

Step 5: Plane.

Once all the resin finally filled the voids and hardened I planed down the inlays.

Step 6: Time to Stain.

I masked off the logo and stained the main top area in EBONY Minwax. For the logo I used Minwax SPICE red and a white wash. The black pin strip is the epoxy resin that I added black dye to.

Step 7: Final Touches.

I added a clear coat to the top with a Minwax UV protective coat since this is intended to be used outside on a patio. I made the table legs out of 1/2" black steel pipe.

The finished table size is 20"w x 46"l x 17" tall.

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    Tater Zoid
    Tater Zoid

    5 years ago

    This is a project I am very interested in building.