Pallet Top Benches and Tables

Introduction: Pallet Top Benches and Tables

at my work we have a lot op wood pallet tops we can't re- use so they al go to wast. So i got the plan to make some garden furniture out of them. A working buddie dropt of a load of pallet tops and i started to puzzle with the following result.

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Step 1:

I used 3 pallet tops 1m20 x 1m20

1 complete top for the back, 1 top i saw in the middle for the left and right side of the bench, 1 i saw just above the second bar and i have to saw off a little bit more so the sitting is the same as the left and right side.

putting everything in place, i used Hooks but 4x 40mm screws also work, the dots in the picture shows where i put 2 screws ( there are also screws on the left side)

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