Pallet Wood Kubotan (or Just a Key Chain Dowel) :-)



Introduction: Pallet Wood Kubotan (or Just a Key Chain Dowel) :-)

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I had some pallet wood leftover from an earlier project so I made this easy but handy kubotan from pallet wood.

The wood itself happened to be oak, so I wanted to use it rather than throwing it away. This project requiers a few tools and no lathe.

If you want to know what a kubotan is I recommend this article :

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Step 1: I Cut the Wood to Size

The finished kubotan would be around 14 cm long and 2 cm thick. So I start with an oversized piece, around 18 cm and 2,5 cm thick. If you dont have a bandsaw, you could use a ordinary handsaw.

Step 2: Handplane It Round(ish)

I then hand plane it round(ish). It does not have to be perfect, but close enough. In the pictures I use different ways to plane a small piece of wood.

Step 3: Use a Small Screw to Attach the Wood to the Drill

I pre drill a hole and then carefully fasten a small screw, so I can use the drill to spin the wood on the sandpaper. I use sandpaper from 60 to 240 grit. And in the end steel wool.

The finish is very smooth.

Step 4: Cut It to Size

I then meassure the final length of the kubotan and cut it to length on the band saw. This will also remove the hole I used to sand the wood (dowel).

Step 5: The Last Steps

I pre-drill the hole for the key chain ring and counter sink it with a countersink drill bit. The first hole is done with a thinner drill bit. I then countersink and after that use a larger drill bit. Using this method I remove some of the burr after the countersink. I then fit the key chain ring using pliers.

I use oil to protect the wood and for the final finish.

Step 6: And It Is Done

Very few steps. Easy to to make. Just an idea that could be taken much further. And I'm really trying to get the most out of these pallets now! :-)

Small piece of wood made into a key chain dowel. You could make this in other shapes or sizes.

It could be a canvas to pyrography and made into a small gift for someone.

If you prefer the steps in motion pictures, please watch the video.

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