Pallet Wood Planter With Drop-down Sides. Suitable for Transplanting Plants, Bushes and Trees Without Root Disturbance. Brico-Ecolo- Rapido Jardiniere

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We designed this simple, easy-to-make, portable, pallet wood planter so as to be able to start plants off in the warm kitchen and then transplant them into the greenhouse with minimum root disturbance. We are using  the one in the film to grow on sweet potatoes and ginger for eventual planting in a raised bed but you could use this design for all kinds of fruit, vegetables and plants and in particular for starting trees from seed for a forest garden.
Music from the Public Domain Internet Archive: The Dongas Tribe:
Simple et  facile à faire, nous avons conçu cette jardinère portable en palettes de bois pour démarrer les plantes dans notre cuisine chaude, puis les transplanter dans la serre avec une perturbation minimale de racine. Nous l'utilisons le dans le film pour faire pousser des tiges de patate douce  et de leur plantation éventuelles dans une plates-bandes surélevée, mais vous pouvez utiliser cette conception pour toutes sortes de fruits, de légumes et de plantes et en particulier pour le démarrage des arbres pour un jardin forestier.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    On the farm where I grew up there were some wild flowers in a perfect square shape, about 2 inches by side. Were white, similar to those that you show at the beginning of the video. I have not see them for many years. Have you ever seen white square flowers?

    (En la granja donde yo crecí había algunas flores silvestres de forma perfectamente cuadrada, alrededor de 2 pulgadas por lado. Eran de color blanco, similares a esas que tú muestras al principio del vídeo. No he vuelto a verlas por muchos años. ¿Has visto alguna vez flores cuadradas blancas?)

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    The Moonflower in the picture (Ipomoea alba, Ipomoea bona nox and also known as Calonyction aculeatum) flowers at night ,as the name suggests. It is shaped like a pentagon but in the morning, as it begins to fade and also in the late evening as it comes out, it appears to be square. It is, according to our horticultural book, tropical and grows wild in Northern Argentina, Northen Mexico and in the US in Florida. There is a lily we have seen with square white flowers too but at the moment I can't find it in the book, when I do I'll let you know. It's always great to rediscover things you haven't seen for years! Best Wishes.

    Thank you for your kind response. Here in Argentina there are "maid of night", in fact in the house where I grew ut it was a vine, which was a lovely aroma when opened flowers. The only problem it had was dirt, in the amount of leaves and flowers that had to sweep every morning.

    The plant with square flowers is wild, low, about 6 to 8 inches tall.

    Gracias por tu amable respuesta. Acá en Argentina hay "dama de noche", de hecho en la casa donde crecí había una enredadera de ella, que daba un hermoso aroma cuando abría sus flores. El único problema que presentaba era la suciedad, por la cantidad de hojas y flores que había que barrer todas las mañanas.

    La planta con flores cuadradas es silvestre, bajita, unos 15 a 20 cm de alto.

    You are welcome! It was you that gave Sue (Pavlovafowl) and I the idea for continuing to use them. Sue has been putting them into her chicken videos, where she is speaking to the camera in English so that at least people will be able to translate. Best Wishes.