Pallet Wood Potato Tower 2 - the Experiment Continues. Tour a Pommes De Terre. Ca Pousse!

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Building up the tower, guiding the feeder' shoots (shaws) through the side planks and earthing up. Day 13 - The experiment progresses.
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L'expérience continue  - vers la production de pommes de terre biologiques en utilisant un processus de buttage plus sophistiqué. La plus grande profondeur du sol dans la tour offre une capacité de produire plus de pommes de terre pour la zone utilisée. Faire pousser les pommes de terre dans la serre devrait également arrêter les ravages des spores du mildiou, qui sont emportés par le vent.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea, but what is the use of having a shoot come out at the side? I thought the idea was to cover rge shoots with soil

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    Good question. The plant does produce more potatoes from covered shoots but it also needs to feed itself in order to survive and produce those potatoes by way of its leaves, The idea is to encourage these shoots from the sides of the tower so that there is a greater surface area of foliage feeding the plant and hopefully making potatoes. The stolons which produce the potatoes should be covered with soil before they get too long and convert to the feeder shoots (shaws). If the stolons are covered as you say they produce offshoots, roots and potatoes.

    We'll have to wait a few more weeks yet to see the results, but at the moment the plants are thriving with no sign of any disease, one of the other reasons for the experiment. All of our neighbours with potato beds lost their crop due to blight and yields have been very poor.

    Thanks for watching and commenting.
    Best Wishes, Andy.