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Introduction: Pallet Workbench

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****** My first instructable. In portuguese and english. ******

Uma bancada pare servicos gerais constuida com pallets de madeira descartados.
Simples e funcional para quem tem pouco espaco e dinheiro curto.
Mede 1,20 x 0,7 m, com 0,9 m de altura.
Custo total: em torno de R$40,00 (parafusos, verniz, pincel).

A simple workbench constructed from disposable wood pallets.
Measures: 1,20 x 0,7 m, 0,9 m height.
Costs: few bucks (screws, some varnish)

Step 1: Pallets

Consegui alguns pallets em uma empresa de cargas. Geralmente, os pallets sao descartados e enviados para reciclagem e as empresas nao se importam em doa-los.
Os que consegui sao de madeira boa, porem o acabamento das madeiras inferiores eh bem ruim.

I found some pallets on a cargo company. They generally dispose it, so they will don't mind give you some.
The wood on top was nice, but in the bottom it was not so good.

Step 2: Desmontagem Dos Pallets - Pallets Disassembly

O primeiro passo foi desmontar os pallets. Muito cuidado porque os pregos sao de um tipo que "se cola" a madeira, dificultando muito a retirada batendo-se do lado oposto da madeira.
Para demontar mais facilmente utilizei uma cunha feita com cabo de vassoura.
Coloque o pallet de pe apoiado em uma parede e comece pela madeira de melhor qualidade, pelo lado superior. Despregue uma tabua de cada vez com a cunha.
Quando a tabua se separar, bata os pregos pelo lado de tras.
Para remover os blocos da outra tabua eh soh colocala de peh e bater no bloco. Ele se desprende facilmente.
Depois, eh soh classificar as madeiras.

First I disassembled the pallets using a wedge. Be careful in disassemble because nails are very deep in wood and it could to break it.
I used one wedge made from a broom wood handle.
Put the pallet up rested on a wall. Start the disassemble from the best board side, upper first. INsert the wedge between board and block to separate them. Make it in all possibles block sides. After, hammer the nails from back.
To remove the block from the other board, simple put the board up and hammer the block down. It will untie easily.
After, I classified the wood boards according the quality.

Step 3: Projeto - Project

Com a desmontagem, tinha em maos a quantidade de madeira e as medidas de cada tipo de tabua. Usando estes valores fiz um projeto basico no Google SketchUp, tentando aproveitar ao maximo as madeiras.
Aproveitei as madeiras de cima do pallet para o tampo da bancada, por serem madeiras com melhor acabamento.
O aquivo do SketchUp com todas as medidas esta disponivel logo abaixo.

Finishing the disasembly and classification, I measured the boards and made a basic project using SketchUp, trying to make the most of the boards. I used the upper boards to make the bench top, because it was more well finished than others.
Below the file with the SketchUp project.

Step 4: Montagem E Acabamento - Assembly and Finishing

Com o projeto foi facil cortar a madeira nas medidas exatas com uma serra tico-tico. Fiz toda a montagem utilizando parafusos, porque a madeira poderia rachar ao utilizar pregos. Coloquei tambem duas rodas de borracha de um lado da bancada, para facilitar o movimento.
Tampei os buracos dos pregos com massa para madeira.
Para dar um aspecto melhor, passei uma demao de verniz.

I cut the boards according the project using a saber saw. All the fixing was done using screws, because the wood could to crack with nails.
I put two wheels in one side to move the workbench .
I covered the nails holes with wood paste and finished with some varnish.



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    34 Discussions

    thanks for this instructable. Your pictures are great. We have lots of pallets to work with to make this.

    I used discarded pallets to fashion an outdoor storage box. It lasted a long time. The hardest part was disassembling the old pallets. They were put together tightly.

    An instructable on how to disassemble a pallet in a timely fashion would be most welcome. Those things don't like to give it up!

    2 replies

    Not an instructable as such but it pretty much explains all you need to know.

    I use lots of old pallets in my garden and workshop and over many years I discovered the ideal way to de-construct the pallets without splitting the boards which is what happens when you use a pry or crow bar. By using to use a jig saw with a metal cutting blade to cut the nails and later knock the remains of the nails out with a pin punch or centre pop. I have since progressed to a B+D scorpion saw or you could use a sabre saw all of which have longer and more flexible blades than a jig saw.

    I have a deconstruction day every so often so always have a stock of timber and the left over blocks have many uses including burning in my Chiminea.

    I have made all sorts of planters fencing etc. over the years from this free source of wood.

    Thanks! No, its a kind of pine, very soft. Pallet's wood are the cheapest they could find.

    The place I get mine from tend to have oak pallets, not the best quality oak but tough as old boots for garden use or for making benches. just have to remember to pre-drill before screwing or you end up with lots of broken screws.

    I have learned how to recognize hardwood pallets. They are probably about a quarter of the pallets made. The wood looks different, has no resin spots on it, and smells different. Ask someone who is more experienced if you are not sure it's hardwood.

    This method of removing boards is work intensive! GET A HACKSAW AND SAW THE NAILS OFF!

    2 replies

     I would have suggested a crowbar. I don't think it would be very easy if you sawed the nails off.

    Use a jigsaw, scorpion saw or sabre saw to cut the nails then use a nail punch to remove the remains of the nails from the planks this also has the advantage of having pre-drilled screw holes.

    It won't let me download the sketchup file, just comes up with a whole lot of letters in Korean, how can I fix this?

    2 replies

    I don't know why is not working.
    Try click wuth right button and "save link as".
    I will re-upload the file soon.

    Olá amigo, obrigado por compartilhar as informações!

    I love the two wheels on the side of the legs.  I just built a stand for my table saw and I will be using this trick to keep it stable when I'm cutting, but still allow for it to be rolled around.