Pallet and Fruit Crate Wood Insect Hotel. How to Attract and Keep Bees and Lacewings in Your Garden for Pollination and Pest Control. Help the Insects and Help Yourself to a Productive Future. Brico Ecolo - Hôtel a Insectes

Introduction: Pallet and Fruit Crate Wood Insect Hotel. How to Attract and Keep Bees and Lacewings in Your Garden for Pollination and Pest Control. Help the Insects and Help Yourself to a Productive Future. Brico Ecolo - Hôtel a Insectes

About: I am an escapee from modern life, now living by the sea in a forest garden in France. After over 20 years industrial experience, I quit my managerial position to study for a degree in Engineering. That done ...

Bee Cosy for cosy bees . An elegant insect hotel for you to make using 99% recuperated materials. Although the Bee Cosy is a little more difficult than the Apple House, the finished result is well worth it. I know from experience this also makes a great gift, well received by friends, family and the bees and lacewings, its future tenants! The house will provide not only a Winter shelter for many small creatures including some 200 varieties of solitary bees but year round living accommodation too. Without these superb insects we would not have, and still be enjoying the fruits and vegetables of our gardens, so it's time to show them, we appreciate all their efforts in pollination and pest control. Go get b. b. busy!
For further information including siting your house, choice of plant stems and using natural pigments please go to my blog , where you will also find information on collecting and using pallet wood.
Public Domain Soundtrack 'Nimba' from Nowick Gray and Eugene Neptune at the Internet Archive, Link: for more music from Nowick and Eugene visit and :
Bee Cosy -- abri d'hiver pour les abeilles. Un cadeau écolo et élégant pour vous de faire en utilisant 99% de matériaux récupérés. Bien que le Cosy Bee est un peu plus difficile que 'The Apple House', le résultat final en vaut la peine. Je sais par expérience ce cadeau est bien reçu par des amis, la famille et les abeilles et les chrysophes, ses futurs locataires! La maison offrira non seulement un abri d'hiver pour de nombreuses petites créatures, y compris quelque 200 variétés d'abeilles solitaires mais en plus un logement vivent toute l'année. Sans ces insectes superbes nous n'aurions pas profité des fruits et légumes de nos jardins, il est donc temps de leur montrer, nous apprécions tous leurs efforts dans la pollinisation et la lutte antiparasitaire.
Pour plus d'informations, y compris l'implantation de votre hôtel à insectes, le choix des tiges de plantes et d'utiliser des pigments naturels, visitez mon blog http://thegreenlever.blogspot.comoù vous trouverez également des informations sur la collecte et l'utilisation de bois à palettes.

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    We enjoyed your creative posts.

    Any thoughts on termite control? I sure wish I could contain them in separate accommodations like one of your insect hotels but they insist on eating away at our place.

    In our climate, Northern California coast, they swarm around on warm days so even if I tented the house, they come around every season.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Have you tried essential oils? We used to have very noisy stone martens chasing mice in our roof space. At the time we insulated our roof there was no ecological materials available here and so we were forced to use the least toxic alternative, which was polystyrene aka mouse food. Since we put cotton wool with some drops of peppermint essential oil up into a corner of the roof we've had no more mouse trouble. Termites seem to hate Orange essential oil also Vetiver EO and Clove EO. Get good quality pure oils, not ones which are mixed with any carrier oils, you will only need to use a few drops. Google their use to see how people deliver them, as they can be used in diffusers or diluted and sprayed. We do not have termites in this part of France but I believe they are slowly advancing this way! However, we keep quail and they eat termites so maybe we are prepared. Hope this helps and thanks for your feedback, much appreciated! My wife, Pavlovafowl also posted some more of our designs. All the best, Andy