Pallet of Time





Introduction: Pallet of Time

This piece of wood was a pallet piece. The pallet wood was a square piece, however we made a 36" diameter circular line and used a jig saw to cut along the line. Once cut, the board was lightly sanded and stain applied. This picture is showing the start of the staining process.

Step 1: Stained and Ready for Top Coat

Picture of the entire board stained. This is now ready to have a top coat added.

Step 2: Adding Embleshments

These pictures show the few embleshments that was used on the clock. The numbers were created out of flashing material. Each piece was cut approximately 1/2 wide and 2 inches long. The metal ring in the middle is a wreath starter - which can be bought at any craft store. Also, the clock parts were purchase at a local Hobby Lobby store. Here I placed it on the board to see how it would all work together.

Step 3: Finished Pallet of Time

You can't see on the side of the clock but I added a trim. The trim is made out of PVC lattice material that you can purchase at your local home builders store. The one I chose was 8' long approximately 2 inches wide and white in color. I painted it to match the paint color of the numbers previously cut out. I also added some metal scrap book clock looking pieces to the front to tie everything together.

This now hangs proudly in my living room for all to see!



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Question 2 months ago

I know it’s been a few years since you did the clock but I have a question for you. First it looks awesome. I am working on a euro epal pallet coffee table and really like the stain and finish of your clock. If you don’t mind can you let me know the stain and finish product that you used for your clock. Thanks, Paul


1 year ago

Boy do I have an idea for this project!! I'll share whenever I can get it done!

2 replies

I'm glad you kept the mistake and posted it. People get too anal about mistakes when they are doing something, which, in a lot of cases that's a good thing. But this mistake - it's cute and it is funny and it's funny to see new people look at it and see if they even notice the mistakes. :)

I'm super excited the sparked and idea for a project for you and can't wait to see the results :-)


1 year ago

If I am not mistaken, doesn't 8 come after 7? It looks like you have 5 (V), 6 (VI), 7 (VII), and 8 (XIII). I don't think 8 is XIII. But other then that, nice project,

3 replies

You are very correct. As you can see when i laid it out it was correct. However when i attached my V it became an X. I noticed it later and we laughed about it. I now keep it this way to see how many people recognize the minor I personally think it adds to its charm and a cute little seceret. If i were to sell i would changed it to be correct.
Hopefully this made you chuckle too!

yes indeed it is ;). Thank you for enjoying my humor with me...hehehe

Thank you! It was a fun project to do.