Pallet Table (UPDATE!!)




Introduction: Pallet Table (UPDATE!!)


collect a pallet with small pieces of wood and with straight legs for the tabel.

Tools/Material i needed:

jig saw
miter saw
hand planer
screw machine

Step 1: 1. Top Desk

Make layer 1 first.

The outside length is 80 cm.
You can already saw the pieces you need later in the project.
So you can make 12 pieces of 80 cm with an angle of 45.

Step 2: 2. the Legs

The legs you can make whatever length you like.
Each sofa has a different height, so you need to adjust the table to the sofa.
If you have shortened the legs then you should bevel the edges.
After that you can make the legs underneath the first top layer.
Make sure the legs are properly screwed and put glue in between.

Step 3: 3. Second Top Layer

You have the wood already cut for the top layer so it can be put together.

When this is done, it can be glued to the other layer. Clamp this well and screw it together.

Step 4: 4. the Inside of the Toplayer

Now, the inner layer can be made.

There must first be screwed on a slat where the inner part rests. Then you can start on the inside. (be sure to glue everywhere in between. Pallet wood shrinks much.)

Step 5: 5. the Bottom Layer

The wood you cut for the bottom layer, you can now assemble.

Make the layer in the same way as for the top layer.

Saw the corners for the legs.

Screw it all together

(sorry, forgot to take pictures)

Step 6: 6. Stain/varnish/paint

Go to the shop and look for stain/varnish/paint you want.

I chose a clear varnish because I do not want to change the wood color.



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I am confused on how you you joined the top desk miter corners/ frames. Did you use screws and pocket joints? Did you just glue it together?

I will be taking on this project over the next week or so .. love the way yours look, hope mine turn out just as good :)

How did you attach the bottom shelf to the legs? Pocket screws? The table is great but you need a lot more detail in your instructions.

What do you use guys for legs ? Just two of those 2x4's glued together, or you picked some other scrap wood somewhere ?

Qutie often I don't like the look of pallet wood, but this one turned out really nice! I'd love to see more information on the size of your boards and what techniques you used to make your table. Again, it turned out great!

2 replies

thanks for the compliment! the table is 800 x 800 x 450 in mm. The size of the wood on the outside is 130 x 30 and in the middle 75 x 30. the legs of mine are 75 x 60 but if i had bigger ones i used them.

What did you use to screw to top and bottom pieces together at the 45° angle? Kreg Jig? Do you thing drilling holes for wooden pegs would work also in the 45° angle pieces?

How did you connect the bottom set of slats to the bottom section without any braces to hold them up? The top section I understand you attached the bracer to the first square piece that the legs are attached to. But how did you construct the bottom section

Turned out great I definitely want to make one!

Very nice... although your pallet wood is much nicer than any pallets I've seen here. Will have to scope out some good wood, maybe even old barn board. Is the bottom layer secure with pocket screws?

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i'm working in the construction industry so there are pallets everywhere and i'm picking up the nice one's and take them home. i screwed the bottom layer with 4 screws on each leg from the bottom.

i'm making another one this weekend if it's ready i will show you the pictures and a bigger instruction of how it's made.

Your final product looks great, but it doesn't have a whole lot of instructions if someone wanted to make one. 3 sentences and 5 pictures only gives us a hint of how you did it.

add stain, it'll make it look a ton better :-)