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I make lots of stuff out of pallet wood, from planters to sheds but here we have a small box made from a few planks taken from small 2 x 3 ft pallets used by paper suppliers. I think the wood is sycamore but I may be wrong there. The construction is all miter cut and all parts glued together the top has a stone inserted for decoration, a local flint with a hole through it found on North Norfolk coastal beaches, supposed to bring good luck, when found if thrown away your luck goes with it.

Step 1:

  1. Single use pallets used by paper suppliers can be a nuisance for printers and print finishers, a finisher of a magazine I am and editor of,uk is pleased to see them go to good use. Lots of various materials are used, plywood, mdf and various timbers so they are a good source for pallet breakers albeit small stuff. If you have a printers near you it may well be worth a visit, if you dont ask you dont get!

Step 2:

The box has an insert tray made from ripped down pallet planks and and little insert made of strip glued together to form slots that rings and ear rings can be lodged in.

The box is finished by waxing and burnishing - easy to do and looks ok on the bedroom window board..

This is my first instructable so hope it goes well

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    Thank you for that - we have loads of these stones and I try to incorporate them in thingsI - added to the end of a :door wedge [pallet wood offcut] they add character and can be used as a unique knob. lots of other uses too.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great finished photos! Turned out beautiful for something that may of otherwise been discarded. Do you have any process photos of the build?

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    David 738110_Design

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Sadly no, next time I will take a few, just to confirm method though. The short planks with no nail holes were planed to size and shapes cut on a SIP mitre saw. The insert box was ripped out of a solid 2 x 4 from a larger pallet on my Dewalt radial arm saw [ripping is not approved by some with radial arm saws but I am careful to stand well to the side and use feather boards to keep things tight and in place]. All parts were assembled and clamped with G cramps using PVA exterior grade gllue.. All sanded with a 4" belt sander. Top bottom and side [exterior only] given a couple of coats of Ronseal brushing wax and then hand burnished with a soft cloth. The stone is set in a shallow circular hole and glued using a hot melt glue gun. I hope this helps


    4 years ago

    Great design. It is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration