Pallet Wood Gift Basket




Introduction: Pallet Wood Gift Basket

I make a "gift basket" from pallet wood. This will be used for a Christmas gift basket for a neighbor. This neighbor has been supportive of my woodworking in many ways. The snowman in the video is made from some maple firewood he gave me. The grape jelly is made from another neighbors grape vine as he lets us have the grapes that grow on it, the wood butter is a great way to maintain your wood items in the kitchen. Home made bread is so good! It is fun putting these things together!

Merry Christmas!




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Hi Chris, very good idea. How did you get the font on the wood?

Regards Mario

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That is just on video! It is not actually on the wood. I used a website to edit the photo.


3 years ago

This is a very cool idea and will likely take a lot of my time this weekend!

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Great! But honestly it should not take too much time.:) relatively quick project! GOOD LUCK!