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I had a new pallet that wasn't needed so I decided to make a wooden bench out of it. I recently made the backyard
so I decided that we needed a new sitting item.

-After breaking the pallet into its parts, I used my drawing and started building the bench. I used screws to bind it together to make it more steady. I nailed, though, the top planks using some glue.

I used a drill to open holes in the wood and then I inserted the screws. I used sandpaper to make the wood smooth and removed all loose parts of the planks.

When I was done I painted it twice and had my mother make a pillow for it.

I used a handsaw because that is all I had. It only took a few hours to put it together and around an hour to paint it

The bench can hold much weight and is very steady. It is very important to be carefull when cutting the 4 legs, because if at least one is shorterthanthe other then the bench wont hold to the ground properly

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Thanks, it also holds the legs together. It can be used for storing shoes too. It depends on where you're going to put it.

Thanks! I wish I had taken some more photos of the process. My mother had that fabric for years, and to be honest i thought a modern one would look better. Although I am very satisfied with the result.

If I find time, maybe I'll post some pictures of how the yard ( and the bench) looks now