Palletwood Coffee Table Top

Intro: Palletwood Coffee Table Top

find some reliable wood to begin this process

Step 1: Side Pieces

Cut your side pieces to these following dimentions:




Then glue the pieces together until they reach a legth of 35- 40"

Step 2: Middle or Center of Table

Cut out a piece of wood of your choice that fits the dimentions of 5" by 40 "

Then glue the center piece to the finished side pieces. this should make the top finished

Step 3: Middle Continute

Start step 3 by cutting out 2 more 5" by 40" pieces out to finish the underneath center

When finished with that, glue and place pieces in the bottom center and clamp for googd seal. you are now done once the glue dries

Step 4: Finished Product



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    2 Discussions

    Just4Fun Media

    3 years ago

    Very nice work. The varied textures look beautiful with the stain.

    Have a great day! :-)