Palm Treo 650 Add 3.5MM Output in Cell Phone Antenna




Palm Treo 650 add 3.5MM output in Cell phone antenna.

Haha,Everybody,I made this work in 201008,

My English is very poor,So I just put the picture and little text for explain it.
If you have some question,Please send Email to me:

and this is my Blog in Chinese:

make a 3.5mm output in Treo 650's Radio antenna.

Step2:Red is Right channel, Green is Left channel, Yellow is Ground.

Step3:Look The 2.jpg and 4.jpg,Welding Them.You Must Make sure undertand The Step2's Meaning.

Look Out:The 3.jpg is show, how to put these line into Treo650,In Keyborad under,A lot space for that.But Be careful two Tighten screws,because you close your Treo 650's Back cover will be Obstruction.

Sorry,My english is so poor,if you don't understand,please EMail me,Thanks for watching:)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is pretty neat. It would be great if you could break up the steps and provide more detail for each. Thanks for posting!