Palpatine's Arrest Moc



This is a great moc, not as great as my last palpatine moc which contained a curved window, but it is still an amazing and well thought out moc. (It also comes with a custom lego palpatine)

Step 1: The Floor

You need a good floor design that is very movie realistic and consists of light and dark gray lego bricks.

Step 2: The Walls

This is probably the hardest part because you have to get the black and sand-ish color blending in with the red.

Step 3: Palpatine

For this Palpatine figure I used the red robes and head from the elf in the hobbit, a red cape and gray hair from a quittich (I don't know how to spell it) match, and the blonde hair from the Clone Wars in this moc.



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    4 weeks ago

    Cool thank's for sharing your diorama!