Pan Tilt Controlled by Cell Phone


Introduction: Pan Tilt Controlled by Cell Phone

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Hello all,

In this my new project I will introduce to you a Pan-Tilt controlled by Cell Phone.

All movements of the cell phone are reproduced in the pan-tilt device via Bluetooth.

The construction is very simple using an Arduino R3 (or similar) and two shields over it.

This is a demonstration of a design that can go further in new developments and applications.

I hope you enjoy it,


See VIDEO !!

Step 1: Material List

All you need is on the following list:

  • Arduino Uno R3 (or similar)
  • 1Sheeld - Android version (shield for connection to cell phone - Android)
  • Motor Driver Shield (for servo motors)
  • 02 x Micro Servo Motors SG90 (or similar)
  • Pan-Tilt SG90 kit
  • Power supply (9V x 1A) with plug P4
  • USB cable (connection between Arduino and your Computer)

Step 2: Assembly

The assembly is very simple with no soldering nor wirings.

Follow the steps:

  1. Put 1Sheeld board over the Arduino board.
  2. Put the Motor Driver Shield over the 1Sheeld board.
  3. Connect the cable of Tilt axis in the Motor Shield plug (Servo 1).
  4. Connect the cable of Pan axis in the Motor Shield plug (Servo 2).

Step 3: 1Sheeld - Orientation Sensor

According with their developers, "1Sheeld turns your smartphone into 40 different Arduino shields".
This shield is very interesting because you can connect an Arduino board via Bluetooth to a celular phone and use all the sensors of it.

The connection is simple and you have all necessary libraries available to Arduino.

In this way you can reduce the time you need for your prototypes and decide if you want go ahead or if need change something.

After final results you can convert the prototype on a final product applying traditional components and sensors.

If you want more information about this shield, visit its page on this link.

In the first time you use 1Sheeld you need to download its library to the folder where Arduino is installed in your computer.

You also need to install an App in your cell phone for the connection and selection of Orientation Sensor.

This 1Sheeld App you can get on Play Store of Google (Android version).


  • Of course I could not test this project in all kind of cell phones of the market.
  • It was only tested on Motorola Moto X (to make these videos) and on an old LG model (to control the Pan-Tilt in this case).
  • Cell phones with more processing power give us better results for quick responses and smoother movement of servo motors.
  • 1Sheeld can run in background another app during pan-tilt controlling.

Step 4: Programming and Setup

The program is very simple.
With the library of Orientation from 1Sheeld, the Arduino program will read the Axis X and Y of your cell phone and translate them to angular position of each servo motor.

One important detail is that each cell phone has a different origin/reference for axles X, Y, Z.

I have put an statement on setup routine of Arduino to make the "zero" reference according with the positioning of you cell phone.

At first time you need to put the cell phone on horizontal position aligned with the Pan-Tilt device and then press the reset button on Arduino (on the Motor Shield is easier because is on the top of assembled shield boards).

After this the Pan-Tilt is referenced to follow the positioning of your cell phone !

Step 5: Next Steps and Conclusion

This project can be applied and go further in many applications.

Examples for future developments:

• With Sky Map (Google App) it can get the positioning of some star or planet and set the position of a telescope for amateur astronomy.
• It can be converted on a personal "following camera" to capture all images or videos if you want as personal cameraman.
• For longer distance you can use radio connection instead of bluetooth.

Thank you for your visit !






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    4 Discussions

    can the 1sheeld app run in the background, so you could view Webcam image in browser while controlling pan&tilt?

    1 reply

    Thank you for your visit and for the question !

    Yes. The 1Sheeld can run any app in the background in your cell phone. I put another video on Instructable illustrating this situation running in the background the Google Sky app.