Pan Tilt Camera With Arduino and Joystick

How to make a pan tilt camera system using an old psx stick and arduino.
This system let you set the attitude for example of a cam, laser or whatever you want to attach.

You can find the code and the description (Italian) here:

1)First you need two RC servos and the brackets to mount them as in the picture. You can buy a kit online or build it on your own. It's not very easy to do and you also need a ball bearing

2)Connect each signal pin of the servos to arduino. (The pins are defined on the source code, but you can change them easily)

3)You can use/edit my program but citing its source, thanks.

2 different programs can be found on my website. I hope you'll like them.


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    4 years ago

    hi there, would it be possible to replace the servos for geared motors ? for something a little stronger? with continual rotation?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi really new to the whole arduino world...Would there be any way / or is there a link to show your electronic connections? 2. what type of metal did you use to build the pan and tilt platform, is that aluminum? or is that really a kit that you purchased for the tilt...Thanks in advance for sharing your gift....Tony


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is the second time I've seen a pan and tilt "Instructible" without a parts list and instructions.. Another go-buy-a-kitible??? LOL

    1 reply

    Because this ain't about building the structure but only about managing the servos with arduino. A lot of people asked me how to control a pan tilt because they had no knowledge about programming and weren't interested in learning some. They just wanted to see the result and that's what they got. I would have arrenged better but I don't have much time. As soon as nowadays there are lots of tutorial about this I didn't spent time to rearrange this.

    Hope you'll understand