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Introduction: Pancake Art

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Did your mom used to make you Mickey Mouse pancakes, or maybe snowman pancakes? Well, it's time to show her how it's really done. The only limitation to these amazing pancakes is your imagination. What do you want to show? Is there a message you want to deliver by pancake? What do you want to draw?

Step 1: Requirements

Your favorite pancake recipe or mix.
A turkey baster
A small measuring cup
Griddle or fry pan

Maybe a little practice- don't expect perfect on your first ones, but they are not hard.

NOTE: You may find that you need to adjust the thickness of your batter. My recipe works well as is (Joy of Cooking)

Step 2: Find Your Design

You can go out of your head, but why not use an image to copy? Pull your phone or tablet into the kitchen and have something to follow.

I used this picture for Mickey, and did the others out of my head.

Step 3: Draw Your Outlines

A griddle will work best for space, but I don't have one so I used our biggest skillet. 

Take and fill your turkey baster with batter. With the pan nice and hot, draw your outlines. You will want to work fairly quickly, but do not rush. 

Step 4: Fill in the Rest

Once the outlines are drawn, fill in the rest of the pancake using the small measuring cup. 

NOTE: Be careful not to over fill. You want to avoid having batter spill out over your outlines.

Step 5: Tell Your Kids News

Tell them they are going to Disney World. Make an airplane and a Mickey Mouse.

Step 6: Propose to Your Partner Over Breakfast

Make a nice diamond ring and put the ring box in the middle. (Ring box omitted here, it's just an idea, don't jump to irrational actions)

Step 7: Make Your Kid's Favorite Superhero Logo

This one is fun, but be careful to not make the same mistake I did. When you are making these pancakes, they flip in reverse. So if you put any writing on them, you must make them backwards. I made Superman's S backwards here, but it gives a good example of what not to do. 

Step 8: Ultimate Snowman

A snowman doesn't need to just be three circles anymore. Why not add the eyes, the carrot nose, buttons, and nice stick arms. Don't forget the magic hat.

Step 9: Eat and Enjoy

Enjoy watching your loved ones bounce around with delight. These are definitely a hit. 
Be creative. What designs can you come up with? Is there something you want to tell a loved one with a pancake message? 
Maybe an ultrasounds image? (might be hard, but certainly fun)
You could make neat sports balls- football, basketball, baseball, etc.
A selfie?
Dollar bill?
New Car?
Christmas tree?
Let your imagination go, and please post and share your wonderful successes with pancake art. 

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3 years ago

just use this machine and upload the designe or the picture you want and it will do it for you