Pancake Mix Donuts




Introduction: Pancake Mix Donuts

Ingredients you need:

• 1 cup-Krusteaz pancake mix (or any kind you like)
• 3/4 cup- water
• optional- sprinkles

Tools you need:

• Sunbeam donut maker
• bowl (any size)
• spoon to mix with
• toothpick
• baking spray

Step 1: Add and Mix


• Your 1 cup of pancake mix
• 3/4 cup of water
• And the optional sprinkles


• Mix all ingredients until you have a good mix- not watery and not lumpy

Step 2: Spray and Pour


Take your bakers spray and spray the top and bottom of your maker


Pour your batter in each of the donut holes

Step 3: Wait and Take Out


Wait until each donut has fully cooked threw-until golden and you checked with a tooth pick

Take Out...

Take the donuts out when you checked them all to see if they are cooked threw

Step 4: Serve and Enjoy!


Serve the donuts on a plate of course!


Then enjoy your donuts! If you like put syrup and/or whipped cream in a bowl to dip in!

(I look bad!)

Step 5: Clean and a Word From Emma


•After you are done wipe the counters, maker....
•Put all of your ingredients away
And you are done!
Hope you enjoyed!
Like, and comment and other donut flavors that I should try!

- Emma (iluvmy2pets)
Btw this was my first DIY on here!



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    I have a cooker like that but it makes them burn and taste like metal. Any tips?

    14, 2:33 PM.jpg
    2 replies

    All of my plug in treat makers instructions state that before using you want to "burn off" the newness. I can't remember how long, maybe 10 min or more with the lid down, then turn it off. When it cools wipe down with a slightly dampened & clean wash towel. Hope this helps.

    I put my first batch through with water batter--ie nothing but water. It steams a lot, but helps get rid of manufacturing oils, etc.

    You may put caramel inside :•p

    Got mine for Christmas too! Thanks probably going to get a new one cause no matter what I do it fails me. Have a target. Thanks

    I got mine for Christmas, and I don't know where my grandma got it, but probably target, or if you have a kohls where you live @fishyfish123

    Thanks mholcomb1, will try!

    It's a Bella, and thanks! I will try that. I did do it with a mini cupcake maker, same brand as yours, an it works! Thanks! I guess sunbeam is the better brand! Do you recall we're you got yours?

    Fishyfish123 I don't know what brand you have of a maker but I would say don't keep them in long! Sorry that never happened to me!

    Cool! Great idea