Pancakes Without Flour




Introduction: Pancakes Without Flour

When you don't have pancake mix, this is easy!

Step 1: How to Make

1 ripe banana
2 cups old fashion oats
Add banana and oats to blender.
Add milk slowly until you have the consistency you want for pouring in pan.
Cook as you would other pancakes.
Vanilla coconut milk can be substituted for milk. It adds a little flavor and sweetness.



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    2 Discussions

    That sounds very tasty and healthy! Thanks for sharing, I'll need to try your pancakes sometime.

    1 reply

    It is about as healthy as a pancake can be! LOL. My husband and I try to eat healthy and he wanted pancakes one day. I don't keep flour, so I had to come up with something else, and this was it. He was happy!