Pancit Pancitan Shampoo With Ocean Breeze Scent





Introduction: Pancit Pancitan Shampoo With Ocean Breeze Scent

A shampoo made of Pancit pancitan grass (rat's ear grass) with ocean breeze scent, specially made for the summer season. A shampoo for everyone... A shampoo made up of grassroots, soapwort water and ocean breeze scent.

Step 1: Step 1 Grind Pancit Pancitan Grass Roots Step 2 Boil Water, and Blend the Grassroots With It. Step 3 Wait for 20 Minutes to Cool It Down. Step 4 Add Scent to Create Good Odor. Step 5 Finish.



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    5 Discussions

    nice one Joey! I hope you can take this to the next level.

    1 reply

    hmm..we have an investigatory project in science we didn't know how to make an investigatory. amm do you have any idea??

    I am not using pansit pansitan as a shampoo but rather eat it or brew it anf make a tea out of it for detoxification in my body system and it feels good !

    by the way, it's me, italy (for clarification purpose) who have tried your shampoo.. :-)

    i myself had used your product and for some reason, i get to discover your secret ingredient. hahaha! i say that it was effective but then i suggest that you make your shampoo a little richer and more condensed. good job. :-P