Panda Face Paint

Introduction: Panda Face Paint

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Go beyond the bamboo trees of China with your face painted like an adorable panda bear!

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Step 1: Step by Step

Here's the step by step visual on how I painted my panda face

1. First, I sponged some white face paint across the top of my face to make the shape of the panda face. I used a Snazaroo White for this base.

2. From there, I used some pink shadow for the cheeks. I used Urban Decay Electric Shadow in Savage.

3. Then, I used black (Mehron Paradise) to sponge in the black eyes and ears.

4. Then, I used more black to outline the ears, muzzle, and painted the nose.

5. Then, I added color to my bottom lip to make it pop out. I used Light Pink (Mehron Paradise), then I layered on two colors from the Urban Decay Electric Shadow palette (Savage and Jilted).

6. Then, I outlined the lip with more black, then dived back into my white for highlights on the nose, ears, and face.

7. Then, what I did in this image, was that I took a Baby Fresh to the top of the panda hair, and make it a little more curvy on top.

8-9. And that's all there is to it!

Step 2: Panda!

Check out my gallery of my panda face paint!

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