Pandahall DIY Project - How to Make a 3-Starnd Beaded Butterfly Necklace




Introduction: Pandahall DIY Project - How to Make a 3-Starnd Beaded Butterfly Necklace

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This tutorial will share a beaded butterfly necklace with you all, hope you will like it and make one later. Follow me to see how to make a beads necklace with butterfly now~

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Step 1: Supplies You’ll Need in Making the 3-strand Beaded Necklace:

6x4MM Faceted Drop Glass Beads

6MM White Round Glass Pearl Beads

6MM Pink Faceted Bicone Glass Beads

6MM Brown Faceted Round Glass Beads

4MM Clear Faceted Abacus Glass Beads

2MM Blue Round Glass Beads

3MM Yellow Round Glass Pearl Beads

Silver Flower Chandelier Component Findings

12x8MM Faceted Drop Glass Beads

Magnetic Tube Slide Lock Clasps

21x15MM White Drop Acrylic Rhinestone Beads

17x13x6MM Drop Synthetic Turquoise Beads

White Felt

0.5MM Silver Copper Jewelry Wire

0.3MM Silver Tiger Tail Wire


Glue Gun

Knitting Needles

White Sewing Thread

Step 2: Make a Basic Butterfly Pattern

1st, tailor a piece of butterfly shape with white felt;

2nd, cut a piece of copper wire and slide a 3mm yellow pearl bead to middle of it;

3rd, add a brown 12x8mm drop glass bead to both ends of the wire and slide 6m yellow pearl beads, a clear abacus glass bead, a pink drop glass bead and a yellow pearl bead to each wire respectively on sequence, then cross both wires back through the beads to fix them;

4th, glue a white drop acrylic rhinestone bead and a drop turquoise bead to both wings of the felt butterfly as pictured;

5th, glue the ready bead pattern onto middle of the butterfly as tentacle with hot glue gun.

Step 3: Add More Beads to the Felt Butterfly

1st, sew enough blue seed beads around the wing of the butterfly with needle and white sewing thread;

2nd, continue to sew enough blue seed beads around other 3 wings of the butterfly as pictured;

3rd, slide enough clear abacus glass beads and yellow pearl beads alternatively to the white sewing thread and sew them around the blue seed beads of the wings as pictured;

4th, sew 2 brown faceted round glass beads and a yellow pearl bead in sequence to middle of the butterfly as body pattern.

Step 4: Finish the Beaded Butterfly Pattern

1st, sew enough blue seed beads to middle of the butterfly around the brown glass beads;

2nd, sew a pink faceted bicone glass bead to both lower wings of the butterfly and sew a pink faceted bicone glass bead beside the wings as pictured;

3rd, sew 3 clear abacus glass beads to edge of both upper wings respectively;

4th, add a flower chandelier component finding to the left lower wing and the right upper wing with glue gun.

Step 5: Add 3 Beaded Strands to the Necklace

1st, cut 6 long pieces of tiger tail wire, fold then in half and tie each of them to the flower chandelier component findings one by one;

2nd, slide enough 6mm white pearl beads and 6mm pink bicone glass beads to all the wires in sequence as pictured.

Step 6: Finish the 3-strand Beaded Necklace

Add a side lock clasp to both ends of the necklace and tie the wires with the clasp firmly and cut off the excess wires.

Step 7: Here Is the Final Look of the Beaded Butterfly Necklace.

Now this beaded butterfly necklace is finished, how do you like it? Through it seems a little difficult in making the 3-strand beaded necklace, it really deserve your effort to make it, right? So try to make one now! Anyway, have a nice day~

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    It's such a beautiful necklace!!! I added it to my collection, "Cute Crafts"

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    This looks amazing. You should really enter it in the glue contest that is currently running.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you so much! It is nice to hear you that.