Pandahall Original DIY- How to Make a Handmade Blue Beads Cuff Bracelet With White Lace




Introduction: Pandahall Original DIY- How to Make a Handmade Blue Beads Cuff Bracelet With White Lace

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This tutorial will show you a handmade cuff bracelet with felt, lace and beads mainly, if you are searching for bead cuff bracelet, then this tutorial will be a good choice for you.

Step 1: Supplies You’ll Need in Making the Bead Cuff Bracelet:

17x13x8MM Oval Acrylic Links

10x6x5MM Drop Acrylic Rhinestone Montee Beads


6MM Blue Satin Ribbon

40MM White Lace

Silver Flower Pendants

14MM Blue Dome Porcelain Cabochons


Sewing Thread


Glue Gun

Step 2: Make a Basic Lace Pattern

1st, cut a piece of white lace and 2 pieces of blue ribbon according to your wrist;

2nd, cross the ribbons along the lace from one end to the other end as pictured;

3rd, glue a blue dome cabochon to a flower pendant and glue the pendant to middle of the lace pattern.

Step 3: Add Felt and More Beads to the Lace Pattern

1st, glue 5 blue drop acrylic rhinestone montee beads to the lace pattern around the flower pendant;

2nd, cut a piece of yellow felt according to length of the lace pattern;

3rd, glue the felt on back of the lace pattern and fold lace to its back and glue them together as pictured.

Step 4: Finish the Handmade Cuff Bracelet

1st, cut a hole at edge of the basic pattern and sew a white oval acrylic link on it;

2nd, connect the bead cuff bracelet as pictured.

Step 5: Here Is the Final Look of the Handmade Cuff Bracelet.

How do you like this blue bead cuff bracelet? It is quite simple, yes? If you are interested in making this handmade cuff bracelet as well, follow me detailed steps to have a try!

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    Victorian but modern. Love it!


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    Thanks, it is my honor that you love it.