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Wanna seed beads bracelet? See here and follow me to check how to make handmade seed beads bracelet with colorful pearl beads.

Step 1: Supplies Needed for This Handmade Seed Beads Bracelet:

2mm White Glass Seed Beads

3mm Mixed Color Glass Pearl Beads

0.2mm Transparent Fishing Wire

0.3mm Silver-Gray Tiger Tail

Silver Spring Clasps

Flat Nose Pliers


Step 2: Make the First Part of the Seed Beads Bracelet

1st, cut off a piece of 0.3mm silver grey tiger tail and slide nine 2mm white seed beads and a 3mm yellow pearl bead onto the wire, then cross the two wires through this pearl bead;

2nd, add five white seed beads onto two wires respectively, then cross a red pearl bead and tighten the wires.

Step 3: Make the Second Part of the Seed Beads Bracelet

1st, continue to slide white seed beads and cross a pearl bead in the same ways until you get desired length;

2nd, slide three 2mm white seed beads onto one piece of the wire and thread it through the middle seed bead of the second beading loop;

3rd, tighten the beading pattern.

Step 4: Make the Third Part of the Seed Beads Bracelet

1st, continue to slide three seed beads onto the lower wire and thread it through the middle seed bead of the next loop, then tighten the pattern;

2nd, add seed beads onto the upper wire and thread the wire through the seed beads in the same ways;

3rd, continue to add beads until this whole bracelet pattern has been finished, then cut off the extra wire.

Step 5: Finish This Seed Beads Bracelet

1st, add jump rings and lobster claw clasp onto the ends;

2nd, connect the ends to finish this seed beads bracelet making.

Step 6: You Can See the Final Handmade Seed Beads and Pearl Beads Bracelet in Detail!

So how is your project going? Is there any problem you do not understand? Please feel free to tell me by leaving a comment, and you can get all supplies from Then do not hesitate, just shop and try! See you!



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    2 years ago

    Where did you use 0.2mm transparent wire?


    2 years ago

    Wow this looks awesome! Will do for my wife!