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Introduction: Panning Timelapse Tripod

If you are like me, you like making cool video's, but you don't have much money to spend on high tech gear!

Based on a pototype (basically just an egg timer with a GoPro stuck on top) I created this very handy tripod, with every basic functionality PLUS panning.

I used very basic materials, everyone can make this. The final product is very robust.

And the best part? You don't have to worry about your camera filming too long or not long enough, a loud ring reminds you when your timelapse is ready ;)

Step 1: What You Need

A simple tripod

An IKEA egg timer (or comparable)

Screwdriver (+)

1 nut & 1 bolt (I used size 4)

Iron drill

Step 2: Open the Egg Timer

Start by opening the egg timer.

Remove the black adhesive at the bottom to reveal 3 screws.

Unscrew them, and open the bottom-part.

The metal case will come off, use a long screwdriver to detach the black plastic. There is one screw, located in the middle. (This is only needed if you want to be careful with the upper part it the next step, you can go to the next step without unscrewing this)

Step 3: Bottom

Cut away some of the plastic with a sharp knife.

Make sure the nut fits entirely in the plastic, and no parts are sticking out.

I cut out just enough to make the nut fit, but not too much so it kind of 'sticks into' the plastic. I used a bolt and a hammer to fit the nut into place.

IMPORTANT: if, for a reason, you unscrewed the black plastic, screw it back on first, you will not be able to reach the middle screw when the nut is already mounted

Step 4: Tripod Base

Drill a hole in the exact center of the bottom. I used a size 4 iron drill.

Screw the base of the tripod into the nut you just installed. Make sure it is firmly screwed, so you do not lose stability while filming.

You can screw back the 3 screws of the bottom.

Step 5: Top

Pull the top of the egg timer. It just pops off.

NEVER unscrew the mechanical part in the black plastic. Springs will jump out and you will be left with a broken egg timer.

Locate where you want the top of the tripod mounted. Since I am using a regular handycam, I put it in front of the lid, to keep everything in balance. Note that you can not (easily-) mount it in the middle.

Drill a hole (I used a size 4 metal drill) and use a bolt to attach the top part of the tripod. Make sure both parts are firmly attached! I had to cut off a piece of the bolt in order to mount the top. (Not necessary if you have shorter bolts)

Step 6: Assembling

Put the upper part back onto the base. Make sure you put it on straight, there are 3 metal pieces that fit nicely in the top.

Try to mount your camera in the best balanced position.

Step 7: Testing

Find a good spot with a lot of movement. If nothing moves, nothing happens ;)

I set the timer to around 20mins, and used the TimeLapse function of my JVC handycam to shoot a picture every 2seconds. It plays the shot images at x50 (0,04sec/image). The final video on the camera was roughly 24seconds.

After importing it in my editing software I sped up the video to 200%, making it 12 seconds. (see preview)

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