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    Great job, very detailed! My cousin tried showing me this, but I didn't really understand. But I kind of knew how they came out. Great job, I can't wait to do this!

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    Thanks, I always try to make quality Instructables!

    Your welcome.

    Don't worry, all your Instructables are great.

    wo! how do you make small text! ive never seen that before, ive seen how people can make big text, but thats all, what other stuff can you do to your text?

    Put two periods on the sides of your words.

    That will come out as:


    two commas

    mmm... scrambled eggs

    Thank you so much for the detailed instructable. I can't wait to try it!!

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    Wow! i never knew it was so easy! i have got to try this and when i do i'll put the panorama up in the comments!!

    Great Instructable! Windows Live Photo Gallery is another great free tool for making panoramas. Or you could get a Kodak, which generally has a built-in panorama mode.


    10 years ago

    Well done! Autostitch works well, doesn't it? Not the perfect stitcher for VR 360/180 panos, but fantastic for making wide images...

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    Yeah, it doesn't do 360's. I like to use the Canon PhotoStitch that came with my SD750. That works great for 360's aswell as cropping.

    Awesome, I've always wanted to do this. Good Instructable too.

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