Panpipes From Paper




Make a full workable panpipe with eight pieces of paper, carton and cardboard.

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Step 1: Materials Required

8 pieces of thick Paper (130 g/m²)

  1. 16,0 cm x 23 cm (tone c)
  2. 14,2 cm x 23 cm (tone d)
  3. 12,8cm x 23 cm (tone e)
  4. 12,0cm x 23 cm (tone f)
  5. 10,7cm x 23 cm (tone g)
  6. 9,6cm x 23 cm (tone a)
  7. 8,5cm x 23 cm (tone b)
  8. 8,0cm x 23 cm (tone c)

Card 2 cm x 15 cm

2 pieces of cardboard 4,0 cm x 11,0 cm (for example from the backcover of a sketch block)

Wooden stick 20 cm (Diameter 1,3 cm)




Step 2: Make the Pipes

Applicate the glue to the first paper as shown in the first picture. Roll the paper tight and flush on the wooden stick.

Repeat this with the other seven papers..

Step 3: Closing the Tubes on One End

Mark eight rings on the card with a pencil. Add glue with the gluegun and press the tubes on the glue. Wait a few minutes until the glue will be hardened. Then cut away the overlaying carton.

Step 4: Connect the Tubes

Lay the tubes in a row on the table. Be aware, that the open ends are flush in a straight line. Glue the first cardboard on the tubes and then the second cardboard on the other side.

The panpipe is finished. Have fun with playing melodies (for example "When the Saints") as played in the video above.

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    1 year ago

    I remember many years ago reading a book on how to make a pipe organ using home made pipes made out of newspaper. Seriously, newspaper. I don't know if it is still available, but if it is, it is an interesting read if you have an interest in this sort of thing. I made several of the pipes and was surprised at how good they sounded. You can google "Paper Pipe Organs" and there are several places you can go for more ideas.