Pant Leg Hats




Introduction: Pant Leg Hats

Not wanting to throw out almost six feet of pant legs from my son's hemmed pants I came up with "Pant Leg Hats."

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Step 1: Material

What's leftover from his pants are two pieces of 10 inch long by 9.5 inch wide pieces of material.  These hats are a bit big for him so they should fit an adult with no problems.

Step 2: Fold & Cut

Fold the material in half.  Cut the two corners off.  I use my serger so I can round the edges when I sew but if you are going to use a sewing machine you would want to cut rounder edges before sewing.

Step 3: Sew

Turn inside out and sew the two points rounding the edges.

Step 4: Open

Open the hat up and sew the other two points from one edge to the other.  I pinned the middle together at the seam.

Step 5: Round the Edges

If you don't round the edges you'll end up with four very pointy points sticking up.  I use my serger to sew and cut but a sewing machine would work fine if you cut the edges rounded before sewing.

Step 6: Brim

For a snugger fit you can flip the brim and sew around but this is optional.

Step 7: Finished

My son wearing his Pant Leg Hat, it's still summer here hence the shades and no shirt. :)  This one doesn't have the brim sewed.

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