Microwave Papadums : Papadum Express Tray

About: Papadum Express: Cook your guilt free Papadums forever! The world's first multiple Papadum cooking microwave tray. Make Papadums in minutes. Designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia. Papadums, Currie...

You like your Papadums. Yes!
Then, forget the messy oils and pans .. and all that frying. Who's got time for all that cooking and cleaning after!

Now, you can simply Stack, Whack and Serve up-to 10 Papadums in minutes... puffed, crisp n crunchy authentic Papadums any-time! Do it amazingly fast, oil free, fat free and real easy-to-clean.
Plus, a Healthier alternative to frying Papadums or Papads.

Your guilt free Papadums, forever! Own it.

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Step 1: UnBoxing the Utility:

Unbox the Australian Designed and Manufactured Papadum utility tray.
The Instructions: Suggestions for different Papadum sizes to Microwave power-levels/wattages and how best to use your Papadum Express Microwave tray in your microwave. Read it.

Step 2: Get Ready to Stack Your Papadums

Assemble the tabs and you are ready to GO>> That's it!

Step 3: Choose Your Papadum Stack

The Papadum Express allows for great flexibility.

  • Makes 2,4,6, 8 or even 10.
  • Cook crisp n crunchy papadums for different occasions.
  • Cook different types of Papadums together.
  • Cook for family dinners or your foodie parties
  • Cook them for a minute in the microwave
No matter what you call them, 'Papadum, poppadum or papads'.
The Papadum Express is ready when you are .. let's cook fast.fast.fast.

Step 4: Whack Time!

Get your Papadum Stack and Whack into the microwave for 60 seconds.
  • 1200W used here

Step 5: Papadums, Ready to Serve

And here you have it! Your Stack of Papadums or Papads!
10 Papadums in 60 seconds!
It's quick, authentic, ultra convenient and extremely fast.

Your kitchen, should have one!
Designed and Manufactured in Sydney, Australia.

Step 6: Microwave Papadums With the Meal

Ready for a yummy meal in an instance!
A Papadum utility in your kitchen arsenal.

The Papadum Express trays are sturdy and of superior plastic.
Head over to www.papadumexpress.com to get one.

Step 7: Papadum Types for the Microwave Tray

The different types of Papadums used extensively with the Papadum Express Microwave tray.
Papadum Express: Your guilt free Papadums forever!



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